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Please see below for help articles and the FAQs. If you require additional support then please get in contact with us and we’ll be happy to help.


Do I Need To Register?
No, you do not need to register in order to purchase items, though you may find it useful, particularly when purchasing downloadable products as your account will keep track of your available downloads and you will be able to download them again directly from the website.

How Do I Download My Purchase?
If you checked out as a guest, the download link will be sent to you via the email address you supplied once your purchase has been processed.

If you registered or signed in, please visit the site, sign in again and visit the Downloads page.

If no download is available, please contact us.

What Are Your Shipping Rates?
Rates vary according to the shipping destination, and the particular items purchased. These costs are calculated as you add items to your cart, and can be viewed in your shopping cart.

What Are Your Payment Options?
All payments are taken via PayPal. You can either pay with your PayPal account, or pay with a card if you don’t have a PayPal account.

In What Format Are Videos Supplied?
The film is supplied as an .MP4, which means that most common media viewing programmes should be able to view it.

If you have difficulty, or need a video player, we recommend that you download VLC Media Player for free.

I've Purchased A Download, When Can I Download It?
Once you make your purchase, the purchase will be put into a queue. Once payment has been confirmed the download will be made available. If you have not received your download link within 24 hours, please contact us.

6 thoughts on “Help”

  1. What about payment options? How can one pay for the download of your Austen documentary film? One would like to know what are the payment options, for example Paypal or credit card or if the payment is made through a secure service.

    Another question, please. In which format is the download provided, that is what type of video file it is, what software is required to play the video file?

    That would be useful information for those of us who are interested in purchasing your film, but are hesitant to do so because we are uncertain about those details.

    I would be very grateful if you can provide all that information, please.

    1. Thanks for your message. Payment is made via PayPal. You can either pay with your PayPal account, or pay with a card if you don’t have a PayPal account.

      The film is supplied as an .MP4, which means that most common media viewing programmes should be able to view it.

      1. Thank you very much for your reply. However, I am having troubles trying to make the payment. At this moment, there are at least 5 different orders placed in my account, because I receive an error message when redirected to Paypal in the checkout, and automatically a new order is placed. Please, help me. Could you delete most of them and leave only one order, please.

        1. Thank you for your message. I can see that you’ve attempted to make a payment. Please accept my apologies for the difficulties that you have encountered. I will go through your orders and remove the duplicates for you. Once your payment has been confirmed you will receive an email which will include your download link. Thanks for your patience, I’ll get the problems rectified as soon as I can.

          1. Thank you very much for the attention to my request of help. However, the problem persists whenever I attempt to pay, and once again, a new order has been generated (I’m deeply sorry) but remains unpaid :-(.

            Here is a translation to English of the error message I receive:

            “The payment cannot be processed. Contact the Paypal seller since the address provided is not valid and you have requested your order is sent to that address.

            For the moment we cannot process your request. Return to Fucsia Films Ltd and try another option.”

            I have look into my own Paypal account and it is everything in order. In fact, just yesterday send seamlessly a payment to another seller.

          2. Can I ask if you’re trying to purchase by logging into PayPayl, or if you’re just paying by entering your card details?

            Please can you reply to me at

            We’ll be then able to discuss details of your order privately. Thanks.

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